BMW xDrive – BMW’s Four-Wheel Drive System

The BMW xDrive is an all-wheel drive system, which was first introduced in the X3 and is now offered as an option for most models. The stepless and variable distribution of the drive forces through an electronic multi-plate clutch between the front and rear axles ensures greater safety and stability.

The system works in combination with the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and the Electronic Stability Program (ESP). The xDrive controller uses the wheel speed, acceleration, steering angle and accelerator pedal position to detect the changes in force distribution and react within a few milliseconds. The force between the axles is optimally distributed and individual wheels braked purposefully.

The xDrive in the BMW X6 (Source: manufacturer)On the newer xDrive models (expected from the new BMW M5 F90) depending on the driving mode the system can be switched to a rear-wheel drive.


The all-wheel-drive system from Mercedes-Benz:  4Matic