Filter Systems in Cars

Various filter systems are performing many different functions in cars. In addition to the air filter and the oil filter, there are other filter systems such as fuel filters and cabin filters.

Fuel Filter

Fuel can contain various impurities which, among other things, reach the tank during filling. These are often, for example, pieces of paint or dirt. But also rust, which can be formed by the moisture in the steel tanks, can get into the fuel. Internal combustion engines require fuel filters that clean the fuel before it enters the combustion chamber. This is important because otherwise dirt particles and other substances would significantly increase engine wear. Furthermore, unfiltered fuel can mess up the gas mixture preparation and clog the small nozzles.

Oil Filter

If the engine oil is not adequately filtered, foreign matter and dirt in the oil can be hazardous to the engine. In this case, unclean oil can lead to heavy wear on the pistons, liners and bearings, which can directly affect the performance of the vehicle. With qualitative oil filters and regular oil changes these things can be avoided.

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Air Filter

For the combustion process, combustion engines require a lot of oxygen, which is absorbed from the environment. The air filters clean this air, thereby enabling a smooth burning process. Dirt particles are trapped either by inertia, diffusion, electrostatic or sieving before they can get to the engine.

Cabin Filter

A cabin filter ensures that the air that enters the interior of the vehicle through the ventilation and the air conditioning system is cleaned. Dust, pollen and other particles are filtered out, which is particularly beneficial for people with allergies. The filters must be able to fulfill their task even under extreme weather and environmental conditions, thus enabling a comfortable driving experience. In case of excessive use of the vehicle in places with bad air conditions, such as the heavy traffic of the city center, it is advisable to change the cabin filter from time to time.